What is a Concierge?

The word Concierge evolved from the French word Comte Des Cierges, The Keeper of the Candles, who tended to visiting nobles of the medieval era.  Today a Concierge is a caretaker that solves problems, provides information and provides individual services.  These services can be time management, errands, or daily tasks. Concierges can be found in hotels, hospitals, apartments, private homes and businesses.

How can a Concierge help me?

A concierge can solve a host of problems for the average person.  For the busy employee, a concierge can take care of errands such as grocery shopping, drug store runs, dry cleaning drop off and pick, or meal pick up.  A concierge can also wait for repair calls or deliveries. This allows more time for what truly matters, family, friends and relaxation.  A Senior Concierge takes care of day to day tasks that are non medical in nature such as companionship, note taking during appointments, phone calls, preparing bills and auditing medical bills.

Why hire Beck & Call Concierge Services?

Beck & Call Concierge Services provides individualized and personal services to its clients.  Services are provided with integrity, respect and efficiency.  All information is kept confidential.  Beck & Call is insured and bonded. Any contractor referred by Beck & Call has been carefully screened prior to recommending.  Beck & Call Concierge Services wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with services provided. 

How much does it cost?

As each client is unique, price plans are individualized.  Services are typically billed by the hour then in 15 minute increments. Services can be arranged on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis with discounts offered for pre paid hours. Mileage is billed for long distance travel.  Payment for goods purchased is expected upon delivery or can be billed on a monthly basis.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Beck & Call does not require a long term contract.  We do ask that you sign an agreement that explains what services are to be provided by Beck & Call and the dates those services will be provided.  This allows all parties to have clear and concise expectations. Services can also be provided on a one time basis.